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About Horizon Academy

The mission of Horizon Academy is to offer a structured learning environment that promotes self-directed learning while also providing educational support through individualized and small group instruction, resulting in a well-rounded community of problem solvers ready to meet the challenges of post high school education and/or workforce.

Horizon Academy is an alternate learning setting for secondary students to earn high school credits.  The purpose of this campus is to provide an alternative to students who may not be able to complete their high school education in a timely manner.  Horizon Academy provides flexible options for students who experience barriers to academic success (including those with unique circumstances) and focuses on the individual success of each student.  Our vision is that high school students will gain the knowledge, skills, and characteristics necessary to pursue higher education, career opportunities, or military goals.  Horizon Academy also shares the same facility with the Compass DAEP students.  If you are looking for DAEP information please click on this link. 

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